We scale and simplify development of machine learning technology with an open source stack for data scientists to create predictive engines for any machine learning task.

comdevML is an open source Machine Learning Server. It empowers programmers and data engineers to build smart applications. Machine Learning is about attempting to teach computers to predict future, or otherwise unknown events, by applying computer science or statistics techniques to analyze existing data. It can be seen as a transformation from existing data to improve insights about the unknown. comdevML is useful for any web and mobile apps. Examples of time-series prediction features you can build with comdevML include: Upstream/Supply forecasting, Downstream/Demand forecasting,  detection of health anomalies, Natural language processing (chatbots), financial forecasts, anomaly detection (also outlier detection), etc.

  • quickly build and deploy an engine as a web service on production with customizable templates;
  • respond to dynamic queries in real-time once deployed as a web service;
  • evaluate and tune multiple engine variants systematically;
  • unify data from multiple platforms in batch or in real-time for comprehensive predictive analytics;
  • speed up machine learning modeling with systematic processes and pre-built evaluation measures;
  • implement your own machine learning models and seamlessly incorporate them into your engine;
  • Simplify data infrastructure management